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Would that this hoodie were a time hoodie!
Okay, so here's the situation:

I'm Zayd. That rhymes with shade, Blade, and marmalade. I like my family, cats, and television, and not in that order.

I write bad fanfiction, and I regret nothing. I ship, so if that's not your jam, allow me to quote Shakespeare: "Get you gone, you dwarf!"

You can find out more by visiting your local public library, or by looking under the About Me page.

Formerly deanyow.

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  1. gonewiththewindows said: i am really jealous now :D we don’t have stuff like that over here. also i probably would not be a part of it.

Aww, why not!? it’s a lot of fun! I would have thought the British do all sorts of fun improv-y things!

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    we drink tea and make the Lucille Bluth face a lot that’s about it actually that may be just me im so british and im not...
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